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10 Best YouTube Channels To Learn Share Market in India 2023!

Are you looking to enhance your knowledge of the stock market? Learning from experts can be a great way to stay informed and make better investment decisions. In this blog post, we'll explore the 10 best YouTube channels to learn about the share market in India in 2023. So, let's dive right in!

Table of Contents

List of Best YouTube Channels To Learn Share Market

  • Rahul Saraoge

  • Intelligent Trader

  • SMkC (Stock Market का Commando)

  • Traders Paradise Live

  • IITian Trader

  • Trading With Vivek

  • Trade Brains

  • Market Gurukul

  • FinovationZ

  • Nitin Bhatia

  1. Rahul Saraoge: Rahul Saraoge, a renowned expert in the world of stock market education, offers valuable insights and strategies on his YouTube channel. With over 17+ years of experience in the stock market, Rahul brings his expertise to help traders understand technical analysis and avoid common mistakes. His channel is a go-to resource for both beginners and experienced traders. Additionally, Rahul offers a comprehensive course where you can learn to trade through practical learning and potentially recover your fees. His channel is the best channel 2023 to learn stock market. Channel Link:

  2. Intelligent Trader: Intelligent Trader, founded by Aman Srivastav, is a YouTube channel filled with free and knowledgeable content that enhances your stock market journey. Aman shares his experience and views about the market, providing educational content for educational purposes. Remember to consult your investment advisor or make informed decisions before engaging in trades and investments. Channel Link:

  3. SMkC (Stock Market का Commando): SMkC, led by the Founder & CEO, is a channel focused on providing stock market knowledge, updates, tips, fundamental analysis, technical analysis, charts, and guidance. The channel aims to protect retail investors and improve awareness related to the stock market. It serves as an educational resource for stock market enthusiasts. Channel Link:

  4. Traders Paradise Live: Traders Paradise Live, founded by Trap Trading, offers daily live trading in market hours. The channel teaches retail traders everything from scratch about trading and the stock market. With a focus on live trading, Traders Paradise Live provides valuable insights and practical knowledge. Channel Link:

  5. IITian Trader: IITian Trader is an educational YouTube channel that provides content on money earning and management. The channel does not provide stock recommendations and emphasizes that it is not SEBI registered. The content is for training and educational purposes, empowering viewers to make informed investment and trading decisions. Channel Link:

  6. Trading With Vivek: Trading With Vivek, also known as TradingWithVivek.Com, is an investment and trading educational channel. The channel aims to make viewers smart enough to make investment and trading-related decisions themselves. By providing valuable knowledge, Trading With Vivek helps individuals become more informed investors and traders. Channel Link:

  7. Trade Brains: Trade Brains, founded by Kritesh Abhishek and Vishal Agrawal, is a popular YouTube channel that focuses on simplifying stock market concepts and providing practical investing advice. With over 1.5 million subscribers, Trade Brains covers a wide range of topics, including value investing, fundamental analysis, and portfolio management. Channel Link:

  8. Market Gurukul: Market Gurukul, led by Mr. Edward Ji, is a comprehensive YouTube channel that covers various aspects of the stock market, including technical analysis, trading psychology, and risk management. With over 1 million subscribers, Market Gurukul aims to educate individuals about the intricacies of the market and equip them with the necessary skills to become successful traders. Channel Link:

  9. FinovationZ: FinovationZ, hosted by Vivek Mashrani, is dedicated to empowering individuals with knowledge about the stock market. With a focus on fundamental analysis, investment strategies, and market trends, FinovationZ equips viewers with the tools and insights necessary to make informed investment decisions. Channel Link:

  10. Nitin Bhatia: Nitin Bhatia's YouTube channel offers valuable insights into the stock market, real estate, and personal finance. With a wide range of informative videos, Nitin Bhatia educates viewers about investment strategies, market analysis, and wealth creation. His channel is a valuable resource for those looking to expand their knowledge and make informed investment choices. Channel Link:

These are the 10 best YouTube channels to learn share market in India in 2023. Each channel offers a unique perspective and valuable insights into the world of investing. Remember, it's essential to explore multiple channels and find the ones that resonate with your learning style and investment goals. Happy learning!

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