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Frequently Asked Questions

If you need more information about our Stock market Learning Program then this section is for you. Here, you will get all the answers to your doubts about this program.

  • What is the course duration?
    Lakshya and Lakshya Plus are both 3 months extensive stock market learning program. Our Lakshya online is available in recorded session mode which you can watch at your own pace.
  • What will be taught in the course?
    The content of this course is structed in a way that is easy to understand and the content includes but is not limited to following- • Importance of Multiple Time Frame Charts. • How to CONNECT THE DOTS between Multiple Time Frame Chart. • Learn the never heard and seen before the perspective of Log & Linear Chart. • Very different and never seen before the approach to Moving Average. • How to identify Patterns and learn how to trade them. • How to identify fake breakouts • Learning Risk management, Money management, Trade management along with the Technical which makes you a Professional Trader. • Fibonacci Retracement and extensions • Elliot wave theory • Harmonic Patterns • Basic idea on how to connect technical with Options Trading and Future Trading(Derivatives Market) To download the detailed course structure visit here-
  • How will the course help me in trading options and futures?
    This course furnishes you into a professional trader and will enrich you with all the relevant knowledge to take any kind of trade.
  • How are the sessions conducted?
    Both Lakshya and Lakshya Plus are conducted in Live classes format where all the sessions are conducted on zoom meetings and recorded lectures are provided to the members. Lakshya Online is available in recorded session format where you can learn the concepts at your own pace and have lifetime access to the videos.
  • What if I cannot join the classes?
    We provide recorded lectures of every session so that you can reisit the concept if you couldn't join due to some unavaoidable reasons.
  • What extra benefits do we get after enrolling in the program?
    1. Complete 1 year handholding will be provided to all the learning members 2. Access to prime recommendation groups 3. Chance to join the next learning batch completely free for another round of revision.
  • Can I get refund if I cancel after enrolling?
    There is no cancellation policy but you can enroll in the next batch if you couldn't join the one enrolled in.
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